Vir Ascabano

I am Vir Ascabano , a professional video editor for 4 years now. I mostly specialize in offline and online editing, VFX, and compositing. Mostly for tv commercials and digital ads. Now currently working with the top directors of this industry and working with different post production houses.


Video editing has been my passion even since when I was in high school. I love to explore and create stories, create animations, creating special effects, making something from an idea. I Started my career when I was in college. Doing freelance works while being a student. After graduating, I had my first job as a junior editor in a post house here in the Philippines. Worked my way up for a year and became a senior editor. After 2 years, I decided to go freelance. Started to work with other directors and post production houses. And it is still what I am doing up till now. 

But aside from editing, I also do shoots. Mostly for events but sometimes corporate and digital ads too. I also love travelling, music festivals, adventures. It's my escape from a stressful work.



Shoot for Rockwell
October 2016

I had a shoot for Rockwell 4 years ago. We shot the event launching of their soon to rise Condominium - The Proscenium.

1st Computer
October 2010

Just me. Doing a 3d animation project for one of my subjects in school. This was my first computer ever. One of the slowest. But I did not let my computer limit my skills as a digital artist

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